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Where will you start? 


crops remotely



on any device


assessed in

field or lab


with traceability

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crops remotely 

What you get

 Receive alerts & notifications for pests and diseases, satellite & weather 

View photos taken from the field 

Crop-specific categorisation for field observations 

Available from mobile, even if you’re offline 

KisanHub is free for your Growers to use.

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real-time on any device

What you get 

No more spreadsheets 


One view of all your suppliers’ crops, whether in field or store 


Updated in real-time via the mobile app or web


Share your inventory status with customers


Download a copy of the inventory for analysis



assessments from field or lab

What you get

Customise your own templates for capturing quality results

Set the thresholds for each market or category you supply 

Calculate availability to meet contract requirements 

Verify quality with photos, shareable with customers 



transparency and traceability

What you get 

Save time and trees with Paperless Load Passports

Benchmark growers by comparing supply vs. marketable yield over a season

Give your customers early awareness of quality at dispatch 

Store all your suppliers' certificates digitally 

What our customers say

The partnership between ourselves, our growers and the KisanHub team will allow us to use live data to help anticipate crop size splits and yields, to generate the maximum possible saleable fractions and the best financial outcome for our growers and customers.


Ian Anderson | Divisional Managing Director 

Burgess Farm Produce 


Improve margins, save time 


KisanHub is free for Growers to use

What you get 

Hourly weather forecasts for each field 

Capture and log crop progress with images 

A mobile app that works offline 


Ability to share your data 

Satellite monitoring (weather dependent!)

Map your farm, fields and crops

Pricing made simple

We all like flexibility. Simply select what you want to use.


  • Field inventories

  • Store inventories 

  • Share status with customers 


  • Calculate availability

  • Customise templates 

  • Capture and share quality results 


  • Trade history

  • Supply availability

  • Paperless Load Passports 


  • Collect observations

  • Crop history 

  • Pests, diseases, satellite & weather

Annual subscriptions start from £5,000 each

(Less than £420 a month)

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