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Crop assessments from field or store, captured and 
analysed for market suitability


Reduce Waste


With greater visibility of crop quality
you can find a suitable market for your produce and avoid food loss

Increase Margins

Negotiate higher prices with confidence by understanding the quality of your fresh produce

Greater Transparency


Availability of lab results and tests provide customers with complete history of production

A complete record of crop quality 
from farmyard through to delivery

With increasing demands on suppliers of fresh produce to meet a complex range of customer specifications, 
Quality gives you greater visibility of stock condition and the range of viable markets.

For Procurement Teams


Benchmark your supply network and review performance based on the calibre of crops supplied 

For Commercial Managers

Easy to view tables and market suitability indicators to help you make smarter commercial deals 

For Supply Chain Analysts


Analyse lab reports to move or sell crops before waste occurs and to optimise harvest dates

Quality data made simple

Complex supply networks managed by fresh produce companies can easily create hundreds or even thousands of fields and plots to track.


Coordinating and recording quality checks across a large, disparate inventory of fresh produce can be challenging, particularly when the data needs to be sent from external laboratories and shared with a range of stakeholders.  

KisanHub’s Quality module brings your lab results, tests and observations into one intuitive online application for web and mobile. One source of truth, no more confusing spreadsheets. 


Quality shows at a glance, which crops meet the acceptance criteria for a range of customers, trading blocs or product lines so it's easier to find a market for all grades of fresh produce. 

Share crop quality data with stakeholders and
understand market suitability at a glance

Leading Producer Groups rely on KisanHub to manage quality data for fresh produce

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