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Meet our customers

Together with our customers, we are revolutionising how our food moves through the complex supply chain, from field to factory. Read the real-life success stories of the teams and businesses shaping the future of our food system, making it more productive and sustainable. 

KisanHub solutions potatoes
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Reduce Errors and Save Time

BURGESS FARM PRODUCE is part of Produce World Group who grow, pack and supply high-quality potatoes, roots and alliums to UK food retailers. They cover multiple sites across the UK and collaborate with other farmers, which means they were juggling a lot of paperwork and working across multiple spreadsheets which have to be updated constantly, so they were looking for a single system to manage all that data!


(KisanHub’s) Load Passports is making sure we have that data without loads of manual processes, which are not only costly but they lead to mistakes, data gets input wrongly.

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William Burgess | Chairman & Co-owner at Produce World Group & Burgess Farms

More Accurate Forecasting

By moving to a digital, integrated system, BURGESS FARM PRODUCE now has fast access to its supply chain data. At the start of 2020, the company started using KisanHub’s Paperless Load Passports, convenient digital delivery tickets containing a contract, load and quality information. 


From using KisanHub we have greater visibility for planning and managing stock across multiple sites and better predictability of supply. This has helped us to win and maintain contracts and provide a better quality of service to our customers.

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Andrew Hayter | Head of Procurement at Burgess Farm

Trusted by the best in the fresh produce industry
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See how your team can benefit

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Maximise on Early Insight

SPEARHEAD POTATOES are a supplier of crisping and chipping potatoes to the major processors in the UK including Pepsico.

They work with a number of growers, which meant they had the challenge of keeping track of crop progress and quality throughout the season. Before KisanHub, this information was all managed on spreadsheets which were not always accessible or clear to understand by others in the team.

To tackle this challenge, SPEARHEAD POTATOES started using the KisanHub platform in 2015. Now they benefit from this central system, where they manage all their quality data through the platform so everyone in the team can access it easily. No data is duplicated and automatically updated, for maximum efficiency.


What we are achieving with KisanHub is taking all of those data sets and linking them into one system. Whether it’s a Managing Director or Irrigation Operator in the field, they are able to use the KisanHub system to get the data analysis they need.

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Craig Uttridge | Director at Greedseed International and Spearhead Marketing

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