Inventories enables Producer Groups to accurately track 
and manage stock levels across their entire supply network 

Reduce Waste


With greater visibility of your fresh produce portfolio you can move stock in good time before wastage occurs

Streamline Operations

See planned harvest dates and expected yields to help you plan logistics and movement of stock. 

Smarter Trading


Trade with more confidence knowing what’s in the warehouse and what’s coming in from the field.

Complete visibility of stock in field and store

Annual or perennial, Inventories works with all crop types and tracks the availability of predicted and actual stock from the moment the seed is planted, during it's time in storage, through to final delivery.

For Procurement Teams


Greater visibility for seasonal planning and managing throughput of stock. 

For Commercial Managers

Greater visibility for seasonal planning and managing throughput of stock.  

For Supply Chain Analysts


Analyse data to reduce waste and optimise the movement of stock. 

Joined-up stock management  
without the spreadsheets

When your reputation depends on continuity of supply, Inventories gives you complete visibility 
of marketable yield at every stage of production. No more short orders, no more unhappy customers.

Leading Producer Groups rely on KisanHub to provide professional stock management for fresh produce

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