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Monitor blends real-time agronomic and environmental data to
provide fresh produce suppliers and their growers with a complete picture 

of crop health and progress across the season.

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Improve margins


Access to real-time crop progress
helps you optimise yield and quality
for healthier profits

Reduce waste


Alerts to identify crop issues and risks so you can react faster and minimise loss

One source of truth


Easy to understand charts, graphs and automated data-feeds provide one source of truth for all

Healthier crops and stronger relationships
across your supply chain

Increased transparency for suppliers and customers


Remotely monitor the progress of each plot from planting to harvest. Share reports to Improve transparency across all stakeholders in your supply chain. Issues can be flagged early and demonstrated to customers with easy to understand, visual data. 

Benchmark your growers and suppliers


Record grower performance across multiple seasons and gain crucial insights to reduce waste, improve efficiency and quality.

Reducing admin with automated data sources


Free up valuable time for your field managers and reduce your travel costs (and carbon footprint) for field inspections. Monitor automatically aggregates weather data and satellite imagery so you'll know where to prioritise attention.

More visibility, more control

Monitor provides reports on disease, pest damage, defects and more to help you take remedial action quicker.

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Download the Monitor Information Pack

Please provide your email address below to access the PDF:

Improve crop quality and reduce risk with
data-driven decision making

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, bits of paper blowing away in the breeze and disconnected data sources.
Say hello to joined-up agronomic and environmental intelligence.

Homepage Monitor droplet.png

The field on your laptop and phone

Monitor is available for web and mobile so you can add information, schedule operations and check crop progress any time, anywhere. 

Download for Android and iOS.

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Leading Producer Groups rely on KisanHub for crop monitoring
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