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All your trading agreements, quality certificates and 
delivery details in one convenient application


Digital First


Enter data once to reduce errors and delays with one connected digital system for web and mobile. 

Accelerate Deals

Quickly set up agreements with suppliers and customers to take advantage of commercial opportunities.

Greater Transparency


A digital audit trail for recording compliance with regulations and production processes.

Reduce the red tape and improve transparency, 
traceability and accuracy throughout your supply chain 

KisanHub’s Supply module enables suppliers of fresh produce to quickly create electronic agreements and comprehensive delivery notes for reduced admin and hassle-free distribution.  

Supply reduces the burden of administration normally experienced by Producer Groups and their Growers while they coordinate contracts and organise fulfilment of fresh produce to clients.

Creating and managing so many agreements can be a real time killer and introduce errors. Conventional methods rely on spreadsheets and pieces of paper, but data can be entered incorrectly - or not entered at all. Paperwork is easily lost in a driver’s glove compartment or blown across the depot leading to delays or rejected loads.

KisanHub’s Supply module enables Producer Groups and their suppliers to quickly create digital agreements using customisable templates so that there is a fully transparent and traceable connection between farm and factory. The details of the agreement and key information about crop quality and certification can then be transferred seamlessly during delivery to client to complete the chain.


No more paper, no more hassle - just less admin, greater accuracy and time saving convenience for everyone.


KisanHub solutions supply chains
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Transform your supply chain administration


Paperless Load Passports
is free for Growers


Growers can easily fill in load details during pick up ready for delivery to your store or end customers.

Download the mobile app free of charge for easy creation of load tickets anywhere. No more spreadsheets, no more lost pieces of paper.

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Leading Producer Groups rely on KisanHub to reduce their supply chain administration

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