Load passports made simple 

In 2021 we bring you paperless load passports, so your business can say goodbye to paperwork and spreadsheets

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"It's making sure we have got all that data without loads of manual processes, which are not only costly but they lead to mistakes.

Hear from William Burgess, Chairman & Co-Owner at Produce World Group & Burgess Farms, about how this new feature benefits their supply chain.  

One connected system

Stop juggling multiple spreadsheets and move to a central, online source of truth for streamlined procurement.

Share quality with your customers  

You can share the product quality once it’s been harvested at the point of dispatch to provide early insight before it arrives at its destination. 

Flexibility for procurement

What about non-contracted crops you might ask? No problem, add crops to KisanHub directly from the load passport.

Customer-tailored load passports

Easily create templates based on your requirements, saving time for your team and making it easy for growers.

Simply enter data once

Thanks to our mobile app, information is pre-populated into each load passport so you don't have to worry about errors causing unnecessary delays.

Quickly demonstrate compliance

A digital audit trail for recording compliance with regulations, operational procedures and chemical applications.

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Together, thanks to trailblazers like you, we are saving at least one tree for every 100k tonnes supplied to customers (calculations based on root veg).  

Hear from Lisa Beattie, VP of Product and Engineering, on how integrated supply chains can help you reduce waste here:

"Integrated supply chains are all about information, and the way you store and share information matters."

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