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Crop recording

Ten fields or ten farms, on the KisanHub dashboard data is easy to input, access, integrate and compare.

Hyper-local weather

Hourly field-level updates & five-day forecasts on rainfall, temperature, humidity,wind speed, cloud cover and dew point.

Soil/water balance model

Easy to run tools align irrigation, maturation and depletion to minimise stress and maximise yield.

Commodity & news aggregation

All the latest sector news, commodity and market data. What you need when you need it.

Access everywhere

Use the KisanHub app on your mobile or tablet on your farm. Auto-sync updates your office systems.


Integrate planning, planting, pest and disease control for market-leading transparency, traceability, provenance.

We’ve created KisanHub to be easy to use and indispensible to profitable precision farming.

Behind the straightforward KisanHub dashboard our software developers and message-queuing architects are working alongside specialists in data analytics and satellite technology to seamlessly integrate all the operational data you need.

We’re partners with the very best agri-tech researchers and policy makers too.
Now it’s your turn.
Join the pioneering farmers who’re helping us take precision farming to the next level.

All you have to do is request an invite to the KisanHub Club.

Or, better yet, put your questions about just how we can help you grow more : use less.
Give our Co-Founder Giles Barker a call or drop him an email.

In the meantime, find out for yourself just how simple KisanHub is to use.

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The philosophy behind KisanHub is simple –do something meaningful and useful for the farming community to help it operate efficiently. ... more


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