Reporting and Analytics Dashboards

KisanHub brings complex agricultural and procurement data together in a convenient
dashboard so fresh produce suppliers can better predict supply and make the most of demand.


Make smarter procurement decisions

Latest agronomy, weather and supply data to help you resolve supply issues. 

Monitor grower and supplier performance

Build your A team based on in season and historic performance metrics

Maximise commercial opportunities

Negotiate better deals with increased predictability of quality and yield

The latest information and insights
to give you the competitive edge

KisanHub's intuitive dashboards shine a light on the blind spot between FMS (Farm Management Software)
and ERP to give Producer Groups greater visibility and control across their entire supply chain.






 With easy access to crop progress, weather, satellite imagery, stock levels and more, you can forecast
with confidence, improve margins and deliver a better level of service than your competitors. 

Data powered planning and decision making

Data in the right place, at the right time


Finding the perfect mix of information to make an informed decision can be tricky.  Sometimes there’s too little data available, sometimes too much to process – especially when it's spread across multiple systems or spreadsheets. It’s also a speed problem. Critical information that would have prevented a sticky situation arrives too late.

KisanHub’s data dashboards give you the perfect blend of supply, operational and commercial information side by side to help you analyse the situation and act quickly. No more interrogating spreadsheets, no more guesswork. 

  • Share performance metrics with growers

  • See supply schedule and contracts side by side

  • Crop agnostic - works with any fresh produce

  • Automated data sync from KisanHub modules

Keeping customers close & contracts renewed

With greater visibility across your supply chain and the ability to share regular reports you can provide a better quality of service than your competitors. That means clients remain sticky and contracts renew year-on-year.

Assemble your supplier A-team


With accurate data you can monitor crop performance during the season and benchmark over time. Share reports and KPIs with suppliers - collaborate on contracts and build transparency and trust with your entire network.

  • Reduce waste and improve margins

  • Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability

  • One source of data truth for all stakeholders

  • Spend more time planning, less time locating data

Download the Dashboards Information Pack

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Say goodbye to spreadsheets.
Say hello to supply chain intelligence.

Critical, real-time data for Procurement Teams,
Commercial Managers and Supply Chain Analysts.

For Procurement Managers


All the information you need to make better purchasing decisions, reduce costs and improve margins. 


Share reports and work collaboratively with growers. Monitor performance during the current season or reflect year-on year to build your list of trusted suppliers

For Commercial Teams


Real-time data dashboards provide contract status at a glance. Share reports with customers to improve service level and build relationships.


With greater visibility of your supply chain, you can plan with confidence, improve profitability and grow your fresh produce business. 

For Supply Chain Analysts


One data resource with the insights to help you forecast more accurately and react quicker to economic and environmental events. 


Drill into the detail to find the information you need to improve sustainability and optimise your complex supply chain.

Leading Producer Groups rely on KisanHub for business intelligence and supply chain analytics
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