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A message from our Co-Founder, Giles Barker

These are extremely testing times for everyone and this is why I and on behalf of the KisanHub family, wish you all a safe and healthy start to 2021.

KisanHub was built to help bring people and parts of the supply chain together, no matter where you are in the world. From the lessons we learnt in 2020, we all know how vital it is for UK fresh produce to keep up with demand.

Sometimes this requires more feet on the ground and a hands-on approach. Over half of our team have backgrounds in Agriculture, so we passionate about being proactive and doing the most we can to help. This is why I am writing to all our customers and to the wider industry, to offer our support in these demanding times.

Here are some other ways we provide support:

  • Providing connections is a passion of ours at KisanHub, so we are bringing back our ‘virtual handshakes’ initiative we started in Spring 2020; between those managing operations in our food supply chain searching for extra resources and people looking for temporary work during this time. Please get in touch at

  • Everyone is missing social events, so I invite you to join our next online event where I will be hosting a 30minute Q&A session with Richard Williamson, Managing Director at Beeswax Dyson Farming on Wednesday 27th January, register for the event here.

  • We have extensive tools and top tips for working remotely (even from the middle of a field!) Including meetings via Zoom calls and Google Meets.

As an industry, agri-food is incredibly adaptive and KisanHub contributes by helping you produce fantastic produce, which benefits people’s health and wellbeing. Our software solution, especially during COVID-19, allows you to:

  • Manage your team remotely during social distancing

  • Accurate forecasting for urgent supply

  • Real-time communication with producers across regions or countries

  • Hit the demands from customers

Book a call with our team today to hear more or read our blog showcasing how one of our customers benefited from KisanHub during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

Together we are stronger and more resilient. Our commitment is to be here for you and do everything we can to assist you through these turbulent times.

Please do reach out to myself and our team for us to support your business the best possible way and ride this ‘coronacoaster’ together.

Stay safe and healthy.

Best regards,

Giles Barker

Co-Founder of KisanHub

Book a call with Giles | Let's connect @KisanHub


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