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How KisanHub can help “buyer-proof” your supply chain during COVID-19

Remote working is becoming increasingly commonplace and with the COVID-19 outbreak. This is now a mandatory requirement for most fresh produce companies.

Our talented engineers at KisanHub have harnessed the advance of cloud technology and team collaboration software. This allows for increased flexibility to your operation and enables companies to still work with the best producers and farmers anywhere in the world.

KisanHub provides a solution, especially during COVID-19, allowing you to:

  • Manage your team remotely during social distancing

  • Accurate forecasting for urgent supply

  • Real-time communication with producers across regions or countries

  • Hit the demands from customers

Three benefits for fresh produce companies who remotely integrate with their supply chain are:

1. Supply chain integration

The process of creating cohesion and increasing connectivity throughout the entire value chain, from procurement to production planning to technical.

Rather than letting each individual function exist in its own silo, supply chain integration brings these disparate functions together in such a way as to promote collaboration and decrease disconnect.

Through remote supply chain technology, you centralise your communications and information collection, resulting in more accurate fresh produce supply visibility.

2. Know the resources and leverage to mitigate crises; COVID-19 example

Since integration is fundamentally a process of increasing the knowledge and resources available to your business, it stands to reason that those resources can now be leveraged to mitigate crises.

Take COVID-19; your customer buyer is experiencing a shortage of produce and may have trouble meeting demand.

A remotely integrated supply chain would effectively position you to work with the buyer and your suppliers to develop a strategy that sources quality produce and meets their demand.

Case solution | Paul Sneyd, Global Grower Manager at Jupiter Group said:

“During the unprecedented time of the current global COVID-19 crisis we are very grateful for the numerous agri-tech facilities we have here at Jupiter Group. As an international grower with a roaming technical and agronomy team we are faced with challenges to support in our usual way.
However, KisanHub enables us to have visibility of our grower base across all continents meaning we can continue to deliver expert advice and support without physically being in the fields.
Driving excellence is important to us and thankfully we have the tech in place to continue to push forward in our role as key workers and the continued effort in the industry to keep feeding nations.”

A remotely integrated supply chain allows companies to respond more quickly and fluidly than would be possible with a traditional model.

3. Improve margins, better quality, less waste with KisanHub

When the supply chain is a well-oiled machine, it’s easier for companies to maintain and even increase their revenue, as well as margins.

Managing your procurement and technical functions using remote supply chain integration software can help businesses produce and deliver produce at a much faster, more successful rate, and thus attain that higher profit margin. Better quality, less waste, improved margins.


Beyond the top three there are further benefits which start to reveal themselves, not least, customer satisfaction. The buyer always expects the same or improved supply, very rarely at an increased price. Though it sounds easy to maintain the same supply, it is a very challenging task.

The quality of production not only depends upon the proper management but also on the category, supplier, location, storage and variety. Remote supply chain technology can facilitate best supplier practices and more valuable customer relationships.

Speak to our team today to find out how we can help your business


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