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It is time to go digital: Here’s how

“We just want everything in one place” is usually the start of most conversations when we speak to businesses. Siloed information on paper or spreadsheets is a pain for most companies, but luckily we have the solution.

KisanHub provides a new way to manage your supply chain, thanks to cloud technology and secure data sharing. Think of us as the online banking service that revolutionised the finance sector in the 1990s. Our Product Team explains: “The holy grail for intelligent supply chains is gained through integration. An integrated supply chain draws on data created outside of your business so that decisions you make inside your business will save you money.

Agribusinesses are starting to look at ways to update and integrate their systems, to make them more efficient. Similarly, as excel spreadsheets did for the pen and paper; the evolution is cloud-based software solutions like KisanHub.

We are seeing more agri-food businesses, such as Producer Groups looking to become more tech-driven and capture the data at source. This allows companies to easily move this information around and make more informed decisions about supply to customers.

We have the answer! Have you heard of Paperless Load Passports?

At the start of 2021, KisanHub launched a new feature called Paperless Load Passports. Designed to ensure that Agribusinesses can achieve the full integration and move away from paper tracking.

This new feature is conveniently available on mobile devices to save time with the added bonus of traceability from the farm to the factory. To see how simple it is to incorporate more digital processes into your business. You can trial this stand-alone feature, by using plug and play today.

Why now is the time to go digital?

  • Ideal for remote working teams

  • Save time, money and resources for your business this year

  • Contribute to becoming a more sustainability-focused industry

Our team believes the world's food supply must become more efficient. Sustainability is quickly becoming a priority in the Agriculture industry, and moving to a digital, integrated system can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. For example, we have calculated that by using Paperless Load Passports, we are saving at least one tree for every 100k tonnes supplied to customers (calculations based on root veg).

We practise what we preach. KisanHub is a paperless company, meaning we do not own or have a printer in our office. Everything we do is shared on live documents using links and hosted on Google Drive. Documents are signed using DocuSign. For people joining the team, it does take some time getting used to, but everyone adapts after they see it simply makes sense. Take a read of one of our latest blogs on ‘Waste not, want not’ Continue reading here.

New habits take time

We understand that changing processes and behaviours doesn’t happen overnight. This is why our Customer Success team provides training for your team and setup only takes a couple of hours.

We believe data and technology provides access to information, giving people the power to achieve sustainability goals. With the ability to work on any device, means your team can be connected wherever they are in the world.

Let’s start a conversation about bringing more digital into your every day, simply contact us or book a call with our team and we’ll do this rest.


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