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Learn about our latest solutions

Last week we sat down with Giles Barker, CEO & Co-Founder of KisanHub to ask about the recent update to the software solutions for agri-food supply chains. Check out the short video below:

“Coming from a farming background based in Cambridgeshire, I could see the challenges first hand faced by many in the agri-food supply chain because it is such a complex system.”

“That’s why we built KisanHub because we can do better than purely doing things the same way as we always have done, for example my grandfather was a Professor in Agriculture at Cambridge University and what he was teaching is still being done 50years later. I think the industry deserves a better, easier way of working.”

“For example, rather than using pen and paper we built a mobile app for growers to collect and share data remotely. But we’re more than just an app, our cloud-based platform or ‘hub’ exists to bring efficiency, visibility and resilience to this incredible industry, one of the oldest in the world.”

“We do this by bringing everything you need into one online place, our software cleverly connects with existing data sets, such as satellite data and soil mapping and systems like Farmplan’s Gatekeeper, thanks to our Open API because we know collaboration is key.”

“Simplicity is our main mantra at KisanHub, so we have taken things back to basics and back to our farming roots. Our solutions connect every seed to sale and are now called Monitor, Inventories, Quality and Supply:

“Each solution can be purchased separated or together, with pricing depending on the size of your team. Monitor gives you live updates, alerts, imagery and insights to track your crops progress remotely before it arrives with your customers. Whilst Inventories gives you one view of your field and store, in real-time on any device, for better streamlined product management.”

Quality gives you a single view of market suitability and crop quality assessments whether in field or lab, based on thresholds you set - they are all customisable to save you time - thanks to the talented Engineering team! Supply gives you the ability to now digitally capture and share the provenance, quality and compliance at the point of dispatch, from seed to sale.” Explained Giles, who invites you to join a live Q&A with himself and Lisa Beattie, VP of Product & Engineering at KisanHub, details below.

To hear more about how these solutions can save you time, money and resources, sign up to our live Q&A on April 30th at 10am BST or get in touch with our friendly team.


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