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KisanHub speaks with James Green from G's Group | Webinar series #5

Join us as we sat down (virtually) with James Green, Group Director of Agriculture at G’s Group, one of the UK’s and Europe’s leading fresh produce companies. First established in 1952, G’s Group now supplies customers across the UK, Europe and USA.

Hosted by Sachin Shende, CEO & Co-Founder at KisanHub, who spoke with James about how the company is driven by customer feedback and market leading innovation, including how digital tools are helping streamline their supply chain in the present day and what’s on the horizon in the future.

If you would like to hear the full 30-minute version including the Q&A section, please get in touch with our team This will be a series of casual monthly webinars and are 30 minutes tops.. but may go into over time!

To find out more about how we help streamline supply chains book a call with our team


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