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Inside KisanHub | Q&A with Jordan Francis

Welcome to Inside KisanHub, a selection of interviews with the talented people behind the KisanHub tech. This month we caught up with Jordan, in our Engineering team.

Hello! To kick things off please can you each tell us a little bit about yourself and explain your role at KisanHub?

Hi all, I’m a Software Engineer at KisanHub who is based in Aberdeen, Scotland. As well as my enjoyment for software development, I have an interest in a variety of sports, especially football. Growing up, I lived in a rural location surrounded by farms where every second vehicle on the road was a tractor. My role at KisanHub requires me to be anywhere I’m needed from a technological standpoint including the web and mobile applications. This ranges from organising your data behind the scenes to what you see in front of you.

What do you most enjoy about being part of the KisanHub team?

What I’m most grateful for within KisanHub is how inclusive everyone is, for example I work remotely. As a developer, KisanHub gives me every opportunity to work on different aspects of the company - it keeps me on my toes!

What three words would you use to describe KisanHub?

Driven, insightful and passionate 💪

What are you working on right now?

I’m currently working on, and have been for the past few months, the new mobile application. We’ve recently finished the map view under farm management and are now moving onto the notifications system. This will be released once we’ve fully aligned functionality with the web application. Our customers will soon get their hands on a fast, sleek and user-friendly app to use when out and about.

What motivated you to join an agri-tech startup?

One of the delights of being a software engineer is you can work in almost every industry if you’re up for the task, as you’re supported by people within the product team. Moving to agri-tech was a new challenge and I wanted to enhance my knowledge in farming.

What sources do you look for inspiration?

My colleagues who constantly push themselves every day are a massive inspiration to me. This is definitely the main ingredient for my motivation!

Do you have a work mantra that you go by?

My favourite would have to be ‘Don’t wish for it, work for it.’

Finally, as a tech startup working in the agri-food industry, do you have a favourite vegetable/fruit?

My favourite vegetable would be potatoes simply because of how versatile they are. I’m also thankful for chips and crisps!

Thanks Jordan for your time & appreciation for the humble spud!

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