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Inside KisanHub | Q&A with Charlie Lacey

Welcome to Inside KisanHub, a selection of interviews with the talented people behind the KisanHub tech. This month we caught up with Charlie Lacey, in our Commercial team.

Hello! To kick things off please can you each tell us a little bit about yourself and explain your role at KisanHub?

Having come from a rural background and studied Countryside Management at the Royal Agricultural University, I've grown to realise the amount of manual, labour intensive processes that growers and producer groups have to go through on a daily basis and this is where KisanHub can help. I work in Business Development for the Commercial Team at KisanHub. My aim is to bring in new leads for the company and network to try and develop new relationships for the business.

What do you most enjoy about being part of the KisanHub team?

The team has a fantastic motive for continually developing KisanHub. The product will be able to help and simplify the farm to factory process for so many businesses and it is great to be part of a team that really cares.

What three words would you use to describe KisanHub?

Digital, user-friendly, analytical.

You previously worked in the Environmental industry, what motivated you to move to a tech startup?

Technology is the future. Whatever industry you work in, technology will play a huge part in it over the coming years and it’s important to be part of a forward thinking company.

You studied Sustainable Business Management, how does this help your projects?

Understanding the whole part of a company's value chain is vital for sustainable business. Understanding our clients needs and their reasons for this is vital and can help to develop us as a key company within the industry.

What are you working on right now?

I am trying to build a portfolio of contacts to reach out to. Understanding the industry as a whole is going to be key and helping them to understand how KisanHub can help them, will be a primary focus of mine.

What sources do you look for inspiration?

I have always been a huge fan of LinkedIn - feel free to connect with me! You see so many stories on a daily basis of people doing great things!

Do you have a work mantra that you go by?

Always remember the reason why you work.

Finally, as a tech startup working in the agri-food industry, do you have a favourite vegetable/fruit?

Bananas! They’re delicious and adaptable for cooking. One of the largest exporters in the world is Costa Rica, which has been named as the second most sustainable country in the world.

Thanks Charlie for your time & fun fact about Costa Rica!

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