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Inside KisanHub | Q&A with Alistair Edwards | Commercial team

Welcome to Inside KisanHub, a selection of interviews with the talented people behind the KisanHub software. In June we caught up (virtually) with Alistair Edwards, now in the Commercial team as a Sales Executive and was previously Head of Customer Success at KisanHub.

Hi Ali! Please tell us about your role at KisanHub and a little bit about yourself?

Recently I joined our Commercial team after the last 4 years I’ve been part of the Customer Success team is the ‘front line’ of the KisanHub team. This means we get to see amazing places and help to onboard and set up our customers on the platform. A big part of my role is listening to our customers and feeding back to the wider team to then develop. I am proud of our empathy as a team because uniquely everybody in the ‘CS’ team has agricultural backgrounds. This helps to show our customers, we understand and care about each individual.

What do you most enjoy about being part of the KisanHub team?

I love solving issues and pain points for our customers and prospects. Without a doubt one of the most enjoyable parts is to show how KisanHub adds value to every crop on each farm!

What are you working on right now and what will this mean for our customers?

I’m supporting our customers through this tricky time of COVID-19, for example you can chat to our team easily through Whatsapp. Also, during Coronavirus there has been an increased demand for digital tools such as KisanHub to help manage teams remotely and keep communication high. So I set up video demonstrations over Zoom to help showcase how parts of the platform will add value to any supply chain business.

What three words would you use to describe KisanHub?

Passionate, Empathetic and Ambitious

You have studied Agricultural Business at the University of Reading, have you always worked in Agriculture?

Yes I have always worked on farms, here in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. My degree gave me a great understanding of the whole industry. This opened my eyes to amazing sights and experiences. However, I wanted to be in a position to help more than just the farm I was on. KisanHub opened so many doors and opportunities for me. Since working here, I have been to Holland, India and South Africa. Agriculture is truly a global industry.

Finally, as KisanHub supports the fresh produce industry, do you have a favourite vegetable/fruit?

My favourite vegetable has to be potatoes, because now I know so much about them! I often pick up a bag in the supermarket and tell the person next to me about where it comes from, the canopy development and how many tonnes/ha it should hit, it’s mind-blowing stuff!

Thanks Ali! We are coming to you for more fun facts about our super spuds!

If you have any questions or would like to see the software our skilful team have built, please get in touch


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