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Full crop visibility ensures quality and commercial returns

Time is always of the essence in the fresh produce sector, so being able to oversee and monitor your products at each stage; growth, harvest and packaging are crucial. We understand this pain, as many businesses are often located far away from where their crops are grown.

Our Monitor solution gives remote visibility on any product issues or opportunities to be identified in real-time. This ensures quality is optimally managed and commercial returns are maximised. That’s why we created Monitor, to give you this next level of visibility of all your products before they arrive with your customers, which is invaluable for maintaining and winning contracts.

“Monitor brings all of our crop insights into one secure online place accessible from anywhere you are. This is useful for one farm, but when we scale this up across 60 of our growers, it is data we wouldn't ever have done before KisanHub. The power in the data is invaluable.”

UK Producer Group based in Midlands

Now you can receive live updates, alerts, imagery and insights on all your products to track their progress, from wherever you are in the world.

Before KisanHub existed, crop observations were typically collected using pen and paper, then typed up and circulated, stored using spreadsheets or images sent directly using WhatsApp. This fundamentally leaves data siloed and unusable in the long run.

“We had inaccurate data on Excel due to it not being live. When someone edited one version, we would send around the update, but never knew if the changes had been updated from one to another.”

UK Producer Group based in Midlands

"Spreadsheets have been the pillars of our modern-day society. They are useful for record-keeping or organisation. However they are not built for the fast-paced, non-stop nature of today’s complex agri-food supply chains."

Giles Barker, CEO at KisanHub

Image source: GoSkills

A good example of this is spreadsheets and the difference between Microsoft Excel and Google’s version ‘Sheets’:

We know remote working

“Too many random photos of crops with no meaning are on my phone gallery taking up space. KisanHub's mobile app saves our field tech team from having to type up notes after a day's field walking. I want my team to spend time out field walking than having to be typing up word documents to send to our customers.”

UK Producer Group based in East Anglia

On KisanHub you can respond with notes/comments and the field team will get an alert on their mobile app. From the field, your team can share progress updates, pest, disease & defect reports, yield estimates, harvest date estimates, and planned and completed operations.

We know rural locations

Signal strength is still pretty patchy in some areas. That’s why observations can be captured offline, attach photos and leave notes & RAG ratings. Then it will all sync up when you have signal again, simple.

From the web or your mobile get access to:

  • Forecast and historic weather data that could impact growth stages

  • Satellite imagery for each field: various indices are applied to satellite images to benchmark each fields’ progress.

We know time is precious, that’s why set up is only a matter of hours to have visibility of all your crops.

To hear more about Monitor, simply get in touch with our Sales team or sign up to our mailing list here.


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