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'Digital disruption on the farm' | The Economist | Review by CEO, Sachin Shende

Have a read of the article above.  

The world’s publications are starting to sit up and take note of an exciting new technological disruption taking place in agriculture. The largest employer globally and has everybody in the world as a stakeholder. This is exciting for the team at Kisanhub as we are right at the forefront of this disruption. 

The article brings up some really interesting points on data ownership, which is a matter that KisanHub take very seriously. 'They fear that the stream of detailed data they are providing on their harvests might be misused. Their commercial secrets could be sold, or leak to rival farmers.' We have heard this issue on a number of occasions when speaking to farmers.

Our response is, 'the data farmers input will always remain theirs and will not be sold or misused.' At kisanhub we are assisting farmers in 'growing more, using less', which requires information inputted by the farmers. However with this data we are able to push relevant information that can be translated into meaningful decisions at a field level. 

Another issue brought up in the article is around the accessibility of data, 'since the companies have not yet made the data fully “portable”, farmers may become locked into doing business with a single provider.' We see great value in data becoming freely available, to move where the farmers wish as this is where the greatest value will be found. This has been seen in other industries, with the freedom of data allows disrupting technologies to come in and create better efficiencies and thus pushing everybody to up their game in response.  

Digital disruption on the farm is only just beginning, so to keep up to date on all the key issues and how the KisanHub platform is tackling them please get in touch with our team to find out more.

(Source: The Economist) 


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