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2021 Company Update

With 2021 behind us and already moving rapidly through 2022. Giles Barker, CEO & Co-Founder at KisanHub, wanted to provide an update on where KisanHub sits for the new season.

For KisanHub, 2021 was an opportunity to re-think the core offering and how we could deliver the most value for our customers. With this, we set out on the journey to redefine our offering. Based upon our customer feedback we split the product into four core modules that can be run as stand-alone tools or as a combination solution that becomes your complete supply chain platform. This an overview of what 2021 involved for our team:


Monitor has always been focused on providing field-based staff with the ability to collect information when they are in the field. Looking to replace the notebook and pen and inevitable write up at the end of the day when they are back in the office. We set out to provide a simple way of collecting the information on their phones in real-time. Even if it’s a fairly simple objective to achieve there were some major technical steps we needed to have in place. In 2021 we set about rebuilding our mobile app from the ground up to improve our customer's experience. This includes automatic syncing and offline mode for all of the app's functions. This has meant the user is no longer restricted by access to the internet or having to remember to sync at the end of the day.

We also thought hard about why stop with just collecting data from the field, as with some crops this is only half the journey before it moves along the supply chain. So in 2022, we have now added functionality for store monitoring as well. So your team who manages the crop in-store now have similar functionality to the field-based team. The last and maybe the simplest of things we delivered last year was the ability for all of the information from Monitor to be shared with external parties. Why was this important? It now allows the sharing of data to be in hands of the customer and they are no longer restricted to users with login details. Now with these updates to Monitor everyone in the supply chain now get value from the information your team is collecting both in field and in store.


The crux of the offering of KisanHub has allows been able to track your crop throughout its seed to sale journey. With this, our Inventories module is the core of being able to review all this information in one place. Replacing static spreadsheet with real-time updates that link to all other aspects of the platform. To create one complete picture of where your crop production is at any point in time. This could be updated quality results from your technical team or field diary updates from your agronomy team. By pushing how the modules interconnect we are providing more reasons to switch away from static spreadsheets to real-time insight.


Quality Quality is key to everything our customers do and having a way to monitor the quality and take quick actions is key to customer satisfaction. That is why as a priority last year we developed our Quality Module to deliver a tool that worked in all situations that quality is assessed (field, store and lab).

Through these changes, we now have a Quality module that enables your technical team to create their own personalised templates and then allows for assessments to be collected whenever and wherever in real-time and to be assessed against the predetermined criteria. This is why we made sure all crop quality assessments can now be captured via the mobile app or web interface. So it doesn’t matter if you are in the field with your mobile phone or in the store with your tablet or laptop. Crop quality data can be collected and shared in real-time.


The final piece of the puzzle for our customers was finding a way to provide a solution for managing the transfer of the crop within the supply chain. The Supply module enables procurement teams to set up their own load templates which replace the paper-based carbon copy booklets or PDFs that were sent to growers at the start of a new season. Now we have created a digital and paperless tool that allows the growers or procurement team to enter all the load details and additional information for a crop to be delivered via their mobile phone, tablet or computer.

The information once submitted is then able to be sent to any of the required additional parties over email. So you can forget about a paper load ticket getting lost in transit before it reaches the weighbridge. Another key benefit and something our team has been working hard on to solve. Is managing crops that are purchased throughout the year can be done on the spot basis. So from 2022, you can now add any off-platform spot purchases done by third party growers or merchants all through the Supply module. This means all of your load tickets can now sit in one paperless solution.

As a team, we are very proud of what we have achieved over the last year and how we have turned KisanHub into a product that is now essential and core to our customer's day to day workflows managing their business critical data. This is a great place for the company to be in 2022. We will make sure our customers remain at the centre of everything we do and we look forward to the season ahead.

If the last two years have taught us anything, is expect the unexpected! And that is how we will continue to be going into the new season. All the best for the rest of the year!


If you have any questions, feedback or would like to know more about the KisanHub platform, please get in touch with our team.


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