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Find out more about KisanHub's fresh produce supply management platform

KisanHub brings complex agricultural and procurement data together in one convenient platform so you can better predict supply and make the most of demand.


No more spreadsheets, no more guesswork, just fast access to data-driven analytics and insights. One source of truth about crop progress, quality, location, and contract KPIs for your suppliers and buyers.

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  • Improve margin

  • Reduce waste

  • Provide a better service for key clients

  • Understand market opportunities 

  • Improve transparency

  • Strengthen relationships with growers

Connected from Seed to Sale

For Procurement Teams

All the information you need to make better purchasing decisions. Monitor performance and work collaboratively with your network of growers and suppliers.

For Commercial Managers

With greater predictability of supply you can plan and negotiate with more confidence. Share reports with clients and provide a better level of service than competitors.

​For Supply Chain Analysts

One source of truth, providing the insights you need to forecast more accurately, improve sustainability, reduce waste and optimise your fresh produce supply chain.

Trusted by the best in the fresh produce industry
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