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Where supply chain management happens 
Bring the team together wherever you are

KisanHub is an online toolbox with everything to manage your supply chain in one place

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Farm & Field
Grow better together
  • Monitor your crops remotely

  • View all your crops and operations in one place

  • Receive alerts & notifications e.g. for pests and diseases 

  • Access satellite & weather data

  • Save time and sync your crops with Gatekeeper

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Store & Plan
Optimise inventories
  • One view of all your suppliers’ crops, whether in field or store 

  • Inventories updated in real-time and enriched with quality assessments

  • Full traceability and real-time access to crop history

  • Monitor quality to improve market suitability forecasts

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Supply & Logistics
Trade with confidence 
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  • Paperless load passports

  • Foresee crop risk ​with observations integrated from the crop monitoring diaries 

  • Calculate supply availability according to market fit and demands

  • Cultivate informed decision making and insights

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Pack & Process@3x.png
Pack & Process
Simplify compliance
  • Suppliers' certificates stored in one place

  • Transparency of each crop from seed to sale

  • Manage your supplier network and view your trade history

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Connect & Track 
Provide provenance 
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  • We bring all of the above together to strengthen your supply chain

  • Receive full traceability on your produce

  • Understand your crop quality and quality to improve your profitability

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Companies that collaborate on KisanHub 

See what we do video
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Our SmartBarley India team and KisanHub worked very closely together to digitalize our barley supply chain, build tools that create value for our agronomists on the field and our farmers. As part of our sustainability journey, we want to stay closely connected with our direct farmers, skill and financially empowered them to ensure we still grow barley together in 100+ years to brew the best beers and create long-lasting impact in our farmer community.


Diane Wauters | Sustainability & Agricultural Development Director APAC

AB InBev

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