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We’re moving to a faster, more organised KisanHub platform

KisanHub is where supply chain management happens every day. From supporting growers remotely in the field, to procurement teams managing storage and supply to customers; KisanHub mobile and web platforms provide the way for people to communicate and collaborate through each stage in the supply chain.

One of our key mantras at KisanHub, is that our customers are central to everything we do. Our Customer Success team supports and listens to our customers. For example, some customers suggested a software integration with Google maps would make navigation easier between different farms. So we made it happen!

Now for the big news. After 5 years working closely with our customers, we’re putting all that learning into a significant refresh of our app. Our customers will see a fresh new appearance, optimised experiences and improved performance. With this new ‘foundation’ we’ve also been able to deliver a new Crop Quality feature that gives you an assessment of market suitability, geo-tagging crop monitoring images, and a Crop Risk tool so you can visualise pest and disease prevalence.

But we’re not done yet. Our team is constantly delivering new features and enhancements for you. So look out for these features in the next few months:

  • Paperless passports are a single source of truth that will reduce delays and errors as well as being integrated with inventory to keep your stock levels up to date

  • Know your Network and efficiently manage your due diligence with access to certificates and an auditable trade history

  • Enhancements to crop quality that enable you to define your own tests and threshold levels for different markets

  • Potato Late Blight Model to notify you when your plots are at risk

We are proudly part of the fundamental shift in the agricultural industry to move away from siloed data management and spreadsheets, towards a centralised place where data can be updated and shared instantly.

To learn more about our software features and how your company can step away from static spreadsheets, book a call with our team or email


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