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Update for Crop Monitoring diaries

We are excited to announce that the KisanHub Crop Monitoring feature will be updated in the coming weeks.

What changes will I see in Crop Monitoring diaries?

  • Fresh appearance with a clear and simple layout of information

  • New mapping feature showing geolocation of diary images

  • Better search and filter functions to find your data quicker

  • Faster performance thanks to re-writing APIs*

  • Easy in-page editing: Simply add images, notes or edit observations, as shown below:

*APIs are like secure online tunnels that allow data to move from place to place.

Add new diaries from the KisanHub mobile app:

Already use KisanHub?

See the simply steps here for how to access the new Crop Monitoring diaries

Below is a sneak peek of what your new Crop Monitoring diary page will look like:

To find out more about Crop Monitoring diaries, schedule a call with our team or email

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