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Update for Crop Inventory

2021 is getting even better. After releasing the new Farm map just last week, our brand new Crop Inventory landed today and we are sure you’ll agree that both re-vamped features are faster, prettier and easier to use.

All your fields and stores are in one place.

Highlights in the new Crop Inventory:

  • From Fields there is a clever link to the crop monitoring diaries so you can easily review the progress and health of each crop.

  • As part of crop health, there is also a count of how many quality reports are available to view for each crop (go to Crop Quality from the main menu to view the reports).

  • Also in the Fields tab, we’ve made editing much easier to use. When you’re in edit mode, you can move through the pages and the system is saving your changes as you go!

  • For stores, we’ve made the filters easier to use and added the ability to download your inventory.

Have a play and be sure to leave us feedback and/or a rating by clicking on the feedback link at the top of the page. Enjoy!

If you would like to book a demo with our team simply get in touch. Or if you are one of our current customers and have any feedback, please let us know at


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