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Track your store remotely, from anywhere, anytime

Optimise both your field and store inventories this harvest

Harvest is both an equally busy and exciting time in our calendars. Have you ever wanted an extra pair of eyes monitoring everything that's moving from the field to your store?

Our Store & Plan features on the KisanHub platform allow you to do just that. Check any time, from any place, thanks to our app and online platform. So you and your team can track everything accurately and focus on getting the job done. Here’s how:

Live Store tracking

Streamline and monitor lot movements better. You and your team can make adjustments, leave comments and view it all on a timeline, as shown below. This means every operation is traceable to reduce error and save time.

Real-time Stock availability

Know the expected and available tonnage from both field and store. This can be enhanced with your produce’s quality assessments which allows for better, quicker procurement.

One source of truth

This provides you a consolidated, real-time view of all Grower's crops, whether in field or store. Thanks to the crop history collected easier on the app, you have a clearer understanding of the expected quantity and quality of the produce in store.

Track crop quality

Overall this prepares you more accurately for monitoring your quality and quantity, to improve your knowledge on it’s market suitability and forecasts for different customers so you can get the best price and reduce wasted produce.

If you would like to learn more please get in touch with our team or book a call with our team


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