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Paperless Load Passports now available

Now load passports are simple, speedy and digital

KisanHub has launched an innovative, game-changing new feature, Paperless Load Passports. Designed to transform how products move through the fresh produce supply chain and allow people to manage this process all on their mobile devices. This saves time and minimises errors with the added bonus of traceability from the farm to the factory gate.

Coming up with practical ways to improve sustainability is quickly becoming a priority across the agricultural industry, and moving to a digital, integrated system can significantly reduce the carbon footprint. For example, KisanHub has calculated that Paperless Load Passports, could save at least one tree for every 100k tonnes supplied to customers*.

Giles Barker CEO & Co-Founder at KisanHub explained: “We believe the world's food supply must become sustainable. Our new Paperless Load Passports are an easy, simple and dare we say fun way to make a significant positive difference in our industry. We are committed to the future and to bring adaptability to one of the oldest industries in the world.

“We practise what we preach at KisanHub and have been a completely paperless company for several years now. Almost everyone on this planet has a mobile phone and we have embraced this fact, by making data collecting and sharing easy, even enjoyable! We are very excited about the impact this low-cost tool can bring to one of the oldest industries in the world.”

Simplicity is KisanHub’s main mantra and we have ensured that the process to get started on this stand-alone feature is exactly that. Key benefits include:

  • One connected digital system. Stop juggling paperwork and spreadsheets for streamlined procurement.

  • Share quality results with customers. Provide early insight before produce arrives at its destination.

  • Flexibility for Procurement. Even add non-contracted crops directly from the load passport.

  • Customer-tailored load passports. Save time and create templates based on customer requirements.

  • Simply enter data once. Reduce errors and delays thanks to our mobile app.

  • Quickly demonstrate compliance. Save time with a digital audit trail and make paperwork a thing of the past.


The new Paperless Load Passports feature is available now. Existing KisanHub customers may use this feature free of charge at their current tonnage contract.

To get started with Paperless Load Passports simply email or book a call with a Sales team.

*calculations based on root vegetables.


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