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KisanHub webinars | Giles Barker & Nigel Trood | Fresh Produce & Marketing | May 2020

Join us as we kick off our first webinar with our COO, Giles Barker who is also one of KisanHub's Co-Founders, plus a special guest, Nigel Trood.

An industry expert and Marketing guru, Nigel speaks from decades of experience in the fresh produce industry, which includes his time as a Buyer for Sainsbury's, plus running Red Bull UK and Fresca Group. This casual chat includes the fresh produce industry in the current climate, the lessons learnt from Nigel’s experience.

If you would like to see the full version please get in touch This series of causal monthly webinars, are every 3rd week in the month at 4pm and 30 minutes tops.. but may go into over time. All welcome!


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