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A faster & easier to use Farm Map

We’ve got great news to kick off 2021: The new map has arrived and it is faster, prettier and easier to use.

Here are some updates:

  • The search bar is more intuitive, so you can quickly find any Farm, Field, Plot or Store name.

  • The filters are all in one place to quickly find what you need.

  • But the real highlights are the cards that pop up when you click on a Farm, Field, Crop or Store. For example, when you click on a crop you will see links to Operations, Observations, Satellite imagery and the Field, including soil reports. This means that sharing your data with your team takes just a few clicks, hooray!

And that is just the beginning!

If you would like to book a demo with our team simply get in touch or if you are a current customer and have any feedback please let us know at


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