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Inside KisanHub | Q&A with Manuel González

Welcome to Inside KisanHub, a selection of interviews with the talented people behind the KisanHub Platform. This month we caught up with Manuel, in our Engineering team.

Hello! To kick things off please can you each tell us a little bit about yourself and explain your role at KisanHub?

I’m from the Dominican Republic, I studied Computer Science there and then moved to Spain to work as a Web Developer. My Role at KisanHub is as a Software Engineer, where I work with the web platform and the mobile app.

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on a feature to share images and documents from the app. This way the users can see images about crops conditions, reports, etc.

What do you most enjoy about being part of the KisanHub team?

Working with people from different parts of the world.

What three words would you use to describe KisanHub?

Motivating, Friendly and Teamwork

You have studied Computer Science, how does this help your projects?

Studying computer science gave me the platform to learn about web development, so I use the knowledge I got there every day.

You’ve previously worked in the telecommunication industry, what motivated you to move to a tech startup?

Working on a tech startup gives me the opportunity to work on and learn new things.

What sources do you look for inspiration?

The book ‘A mind for Numbers’ is a good way to learn how our brain works. Here you can get good techniques to learn and to help you in solving problems. There is also an online course about the book.

Do you have a work mantra that you go by?

I think it is more like a personal mantra: never stop learning. For that, I always like reading technical books, and studying, in fact, this year I started a master's degree.

Finally, as a tech startup working in the agri-food industry, do you have a favourite vegetable/fruit?

I love fruits, but my favourite by far is Mango, it’s sweet and tasteful and you can just eat it or do jam and juice. It likes to grow in tropical and temperate weather.

Thank you Manuel for your time, we agree Mangos are delicious!

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