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As part of a new series of blog posts that will continue throughout the year, we are going to be talking to different members of the team to get their perspective on what it is like to work for KisanHub. To start the series off, we took some time with one of our UK Customer Success Managers, Liv, to hear about her experiences so far:

You have been with the company for four months now – what has been your highlight?

I think for me the highlight has been all the different opportunities and experiences I have been exposed to within such a short amount of time. There is a huge variation in the businesses that we work with and I think it is an exciting time to see how technology can slot in, solve problems and improve efficiencies.

What is the most exciting thing about working for a SaaS company?

We are at a stage where technology is becoming widely adopted within agriculture, and coupled with the uncertainty that Brexit is bringing, I think people are using the time to re strategize and think about their businesses long term and what investments would be smart. I think there is an opportunity for companies like KisanHub to prove their worth and make an impact within the marketplace. It is exciting to see the new features that the development teams are working on and knowing how they will help to improve the ways in which people work.

What do you think are the challenges you will come up against in the next 12 months?

KisanHub is an ambitious team with a very well differentiated software product in the market. In one short year, major Potato grower groups have started using KisanHub platform giving a substantial market share of the Potato tonnage processed on the platform. This has and will create a scalability challenge - from both engineering and customer success point of view. The focus for KisanHub going forward will be working together as a team to achieve our goals. 

What do you think are the key features of the KisanHub enterprise platform that would make you recommend it to people within the industry?

  • Centrally accessible data for everyone within the business – reduces the burden created by multiple sources of data recording e.g. photos on mobiles – word documents – spreadsheets.
  • Early insight into crop yields at an early stage of the season plus crop and canopy benchmarking
  • Satellite images on a weekly basis canopy development and crop health score
  • Crop monitoring feature on the mobile app
  • Weather station network featuring 90 weather stations based across the UK, pulling data through every 15 minutes recording wind speed, rainfall etc.
  • Ability to record and monitor crop quality
  • Encourages the flow of data up and down the supply chains

Why do you think people are using the KisanHub platform?

Growers and businesses who have been using the KisanHub platform this year have had an advantage over people who haven’t. It has allowed people to have an early insight into their potential crop yields. The burn down model feature on the Potato  Dashboard is also allowing growers to make management decisions based on their potential revenue to be gained by burning off earlier or perhaps later than they potentially would do.  I think the KisanHub platform pushes people to think differently about processes that have perhaps always been done a certain way. There can sometimes be a reluctance to rely or trust technology as much as traditional methods, but I think people are beginning to adopt these changes more readily. There are a lot of new technologies within the sector, and I think KisanHub’s strength is that the platform does not just focus on one aspect. It brings in several data sources and the ability to capture, into one central platform and most importantly, turn the data into actionable insights. 

Liv Bates - Customer Success Manager 

Over the coming months we will be doing Q & A's with more of the CS team, the sales, engineering and product teams. If you have any burning questions to ask - please get in touch - 

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