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We are part of a global community of technology innovators serving the food supply chain. Our shared mission is to build solutions to support one of the world’s most meaningful challenges, how to feed a population of 9 billion by 2050.

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KisanHub supports teams in over 7 different countries managing regional, national or international supply chains

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Farming is one of the oldest and largest employers in the world. It is data-rich, but often this information is in silos, collected for a specific reason and then not accessible for sharing or reuse. To create more efficient, sustainable and resilient food supply chains, we need to embrace data, software and technology.


Giles Barker | CEO & Co-Founder of KisanHub


KisanHub helps grow over 50 types of fruit and vegetables

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Our logo represents a plant leaf and water droplet


We are committed to the future and more sustainable supply chains, to bring adaptability to one of the oldest industries in the world. We believe our footprint should leave the environment in a better place for future generations.


Sachin Shende | Co-Founder of KisanHub

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What does Kisan mean?
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Pronounced 'Kis-an', means Farmer in Hindi, to represent our farming heritage.‘KisanHub’ means we aspire to be the online place to connect everyone in agri-food supply chains, regardless of where you are in the world or the language you speak.

Giles Barker | CEO & Co-Founder of KisanHub


Multi-award-winning platform 

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Our story | Meet the Co-Founders

Giles Barker | CEO

Sachin Shende

Growing up on farms, both Sachin and Giles saw first-hand the work that goes into producing food. Even across time zones, they could see the challenges people in the agri-food supply chain face. Sachin’s family farms in Maharashtra, in western India and Giles’ family farms in Cambridgeshire, East of England. 


After a successful career building software systems for the largest global asset management company, Sachin was keen to apply his skill set to his first passion, agriculture.


At the same time, Giles had just graduated from Henley Business School and, in October 2013, met Sachin through the Accelerate Programme at Cambridge University, Judge Business School.


The two entrepreneurs instantly connected over their shared farming backgrounds and awareness of the challenges in agriculture. Their vision of building a team that blends both agriculture and software experience has become the backbone of KisanHub. 

On a journey together









KisanHub was born! Our Co-Founders, met at Cambridge Judge Business School Accelerate Programme

Lightbulb moment. Through working closely with clients the team was re-focused on producer groups and streamlining the supply chain

KisanHub continued to win multiple awards by connecting farmers with global producer groups

After a successful Series A funding round in 2019, raising £3.4 million, our community is expanding at a rapid pace!

Excitingly, there are lots of new releases on their way, from Paperless Load Passports to intelligent reporting

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KisanHub’s platform enables us to capture data across a wide portfolio of growers and consolidate that information into one central resource. It provides an opportunity for us to access and analyse our data quickly, transforming the way we make these essential management decisions moving forward.

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Ian Anderson | Divisional Managing Director 


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